Photo-A-Day-Challenge: Day 23

Day 23-Something Old

This is my car.

It’s not really that old, it just feels and acts that way.

The Silver Fox and myself have a love/hate relationship.

I love that it gets me from point A to point B…most of the time.

I love that air works…most of the time.

I love that it has a little keyless entry thing…I mean, I am super high class with that thing.

I love that it doesn’t cost me a fortune fill her up.

I love that the tires are new…one less thing to worry about.

I hate that random things break on it…often.

I hate that every time I shampoo and clean it, it gets itself dirty all over again.

I hate that when I turn the air on, the car has to pause and think about if it wasn’t to run and cool me at the same time.

I hate that at any moment, the whole thing could just stop working!

I hate that this is the third Sentra I have owned.I also have has 3 Saturns. I am consistent.

Belly Question: Do you love or hate your car?


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