Photo-A-Day-Challenge: Day 24

Day 24- Guilty Pleasure



I love TV.

And I admit, I love some shows that make me feel a little dirty after I watch them.

Grey’s Anatomy

Oh how I love this show.  It all started when I lived with Erin F. in college and she had all the seasons on DVD.  I was hooked.

I love the DRAMA. I love the love triangles and sometimes octagons , the fights, the disappointments, the medical mysteries.

I love that after all these seasons Greys can totally shock me!

Its amazing that I cry almost every episode. I’m serious.

Christina Yang is my favorite and I think she may be a horrible person. What is wrong with me?!

For you Grey’s fans- I hear Derek is going to become a lesser character. HOW? WHY? NO!

Another fun fact- most Thursdays, my sister and I have a little Greys date night. We text through the whole thing while both watching Greys. The Hubs thinks this is crazy.

Pretty Little Liars

This show will never win any awards or anything,  and if I had a teenage daughter, I would NEVER let her watch this.

However, it drives me crazy that I can’t figure it out. I am a grown woman. WHO IS A?! Who?

The mystery is so intense.

Belly Question: What is your guilty pleasure?


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