Stuff Pregnant Girls Say

So I have been laughing all week at the Stuff ____ Girls Say videos. Lots of spin offs have surfaced in the past couple weeks.

Some are way too vulgar. Some are way too funny.

Here is the one that has been passed around my office today.

My co-worker, Daniel, suggested I do a Stuff Pregnant Girls Say….


Please feel free to add your own to the comments section.

  • OMG Is that a stretch mark?
  • Can you see my bump yet?
  • Did you say pickles? Can I have one?
  • My baby is the size of a bell pepper.
  • It’s definitely a boy. I can just feel it.
  • I had the craziest dream last night.
  • How does my bump look in this?
  • My boobs are huge! I love it.
  • If you light that cigarette, I will punch you in your face.
  • I want Chinese.
  • We aren’t finding out the gender because we think it’s the biggest surprise God could give us.
  • I can’t see my feet.
  • We are finding out the gender because it’s a surprise if we find out now or a surprise later.  It’s still a surprise.
  • Was that a  kick?
  • Did you just see my shirt move? It was the baby.
  • Lets get pizza.
  • I feel like such a cow.
  • Ugh! This child wants to do gymnastics while I sleep!
  • My baby is the size of your head.
  • My first one was nothing like this. Its definitely a girl.
  • I just hope it’s healthy, but I’ve already bought blue paint for the nursery.
  • Do you have any watermelon?
  • My prenatal yoga instructor is all belly. I hate her.
  • My sister looked like she swallowed a basketball! Why am I so huge?
  • What if its twins?
  • I just have to have a new dress for the shower.



2 thoughts on “Stuff Pregnant Girls Say

  1. I was doing a workout video and she kept saying, ” Moms don’t get fatigued!” And I yelled at her” I want a real workout!” The Hubs said, I think she is just talking to the fat pregnant ladies in their 2nd trimester.” WHAT?!

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