Yeah. I Peed On Myself.

There are things I know that will come in the nine months of pregnancy that no person can prepare me for. No book will truly be able to describe.

But you hear stories.  Some make you laugh, some make you think of alternative ways you may be able to get the baby out of you, and some just make you cringe.

Well, yesterday one of these moments happened to me.

Usually, I get up once a night to go to the bathroom. This is definitely a pregnancy thing. I never woke up FOR ANYTHING before the baby.

Week 18 has been different. Not only have I not been getting up every night, I have not been as hungry…weird.

Anywho, I woke up Sunday morning and went straight to the kitchen to get The Hubs  some coffee.  Once I had been vertical for about two minutes, I knew I had to pee, but wanted to wait until I got the coffee ready.

I was doing the pee pee dance, but all was fine.

And then I sneezed.

I peed  on myself.

I’m not talking a little squirt.

I am saying my bladder emptied in that one second sneeze.

I SCREAM as I feel it pouring down my legs.

As soon as I scream and start running to the bathroom, I know my husband is thinking the worst. Something has happened to the baby. My wife has burned herself. There is a giant roach.

So to ease his mind. I yell, “ IT’S OK! I JUST PEED ALL OVER MYSELF! Oh, you need to get your own coffee!”

Sure enough, instead of him just lying there and letting me fix the problem. He got up just in time to watch me wash the pee off my legs.

What a way to start off the day.


4 thoughts on “Yeah. I Peed On Myself.

  1. I’m dying.
    I constantly sneeze and fart (loudly) in public if it’s any consolation. No control.
    I’ll just consider you Miles Davis from here on out!

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