Take Note My Future Child

My mom never gave me a warning that she didn’t not follow up with the exact punishment.

Example: ” if you roll your eyes at me one more time today, you will be grounded”

And I was then grounded, because I would always roll my eyes

Example: ” While you are grounded, if you ask to do any privileged that has been taken away, I will add an additional week to your grounding”

I asked to go to a football game that Friday. THEREFORE- I received an additional week PLUS one for rolling my eyes.

Apparently I was stupid as a teenager.

Thanks Mom for all of the discipline. I know I deserved most of it.

This man has a daughter that wrote this horribly disrespectful rant on facebook…the then posted his response on HER facebook wall. Watch the first 2 minutes, then the last minute.

***** Warning- there is some bad language********

Dear future child- Take note.

I will take a .45 to your computer….without hesitation.

I will ground you and only leave your bed, light, dresser, and alarm clock in your room.

I will take away your phone and car- even if it inconveniences me- and probably make you wait for me until I am ready to come get you.

If you steal from someone, I am not above making you walk around our neighborhood wearing a sandwich board sign that reads” I stole from you. I am sorry”

I promise to love you with my entire being and work hard everyday to make sure you know that you are God’s gift to me.

I promise that me disciplining you ( I PROMISE) will make you be a better adult and human being in general.


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