It’s A…

Today we found out what the sex of our little baby is!!!

I feel like this appointment took FOR-EV-ER to come.  Seriously, I have been counting down the days  since my last appointment 5 weeks ago.

In the meantime, my friend Kori (who is a week or two behind me) finds out!

So excited for Kori, Drew, and Tucker!

 Truth Dome Open-

I was a 92% really really excited for her, and 8% a little jealous she found out before me.

Truth Dome Closed-

Anywho, I woke up crazy early, like it was the best Christmas Eve ever! I shook the Hubs and yelled,  “ HOW CAN YOU SLEEP!?”

I put on my blue preggo shirt, because I knew it was a boy and wanted to be in my “I was so right!” outfit.

This is us on the way to the doc:
















Kitty shows us to the back.

We hear the heartbeat—I start crying because its what I do.

And then she starts going though the baby’s anatomy.


I patiently say, “ oh that’s good” and” mmmhmm”

Kitty gets the hint and moves below the belt.

Its a Girl! Its a Girl! Its a Girl! Its a Girl! Its a Girl! Its a Girl! Its a Girl! Its a Girl! Its a Girl! 

I am so happy to introduce you to Bethany Carolyn.

Bethany is our precious baby girl and, judging by this picture, she may be a gymnast.

Those are her feet by her head.


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