Its a House and God Loves It!

The Hubs and I have been looking for a house for about 6 months.

It hasn’t been an easy process.

He fell in love with a old charming house that had well water. I am not ok with well water maintenance.

We placed a bid on a house that was built in the 1900s ( really it was just 1980), and was pink.

We were willing to commit a crime to get this one house that was perfect. This guy comes in and offers cash plus 10k over asking price.

Sorry, we left our briefcase of cash at home that day.

Then came our house.

We saw it. We loved it.

We placed our offer in late January and because it was a short sale, they told us we might not move in until May or even June.


It will be a million degrees in Florida in June and I could have this child early. If we have Bethany while we are still in our condo, she will live in a dresser drawer.

It was mountain moving time.

I started praying a specific prayer inspired by Susan.

” Lord, if it is your will for us to get this home, I know you will open the doors necessary. I know you are the creator of Heaven and Earth and I am totally fine if you want to show off a bit.

I am asking that you open the doors for us to not only be approved by the bank, the loan go though, but us moving in by April 15th. If this happens,I know it is you that is pushing it right along. If it doesn’t, I know it is you keeping us steady and patient.”

Can I just tell you we are moving in April 15th?

I am serious. My amazing realtor, Lauren, said she can’t believe how quickly this has moved. It has been such a great testimony of faith and how He works.

I have loved being able to share this answered, tangible prayer.

Often when you pray you have to wait to see the answer or you may never know how he answered this side of Heaven.

It has been so encouraging and awesome.

This is our new home:


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