Imagine the Nursery

The Hubs has banned me from having a theme in the baby’s room.

The thought behind this is sweet. He wants anyone to be able to give us a present and not have to worry about it matching or us not putting it up because it doesn’t match.

With that said, I have picked out bedding and some decor.

Her bedding:

I want this on one of the walls:

I am thinking we will hang a chair rail and do the bottom half of the walls in a green. My original thought was a sunny yellow, But the Hubs hates yellow. And I kinda hate pink walls.

This is also good because if baby number 2 is a boy we wont have to repaint.

Here is her dresser drawers/ changing table- My sister gave me this idea!

And this is her crib:

So exciting.

Now I need a rocker. I am thinking more along the lines of a recliner/rocker. I’m talking Lazy Boy Style 🙂

Belly Question: What else do I need for the nursery?


2 thoughts on “Imagine the Nursery

  1. So jealous that you found bedding you love already!!!
    What I want, I only want in pieces, and today I find out it’s on back order until June 17th. Really ?? Love your nursery !!!

    • My goal was to register at Walmart and Target only. Not only did they both have great stuff but Walmart’s was so cheap.
      I am so sorry to hear about the back order. That TOTALLY SUCKS! Apparently it is great because everyone else wants it!

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