The Liking and Disliking of Being Pregnant

Things I Like About Being Pregnant

1. Feeling my baby kick
At first it was a little thump thump, but now it feels like she is a teenage mutant ninja turtle thowing down on Shredder.

2. My husband thinks I need to be babied
He comes to the car to get the groceries and takes my bags when I start to go upstairs. 3 flights of stairs is a booger.

3. I get an excuse to eat 2 cookies every night
Seriously. Every night I pop 2 of the chocolate chip break a part cookies in the oven. So fresh, so FREAKING good. I am also drinking a glass of milk with these cookies. That’s about a million times more milk than I have ever drank.

4. I can (and prefer) to wear shirts that are tight on my tummy
I like the “She is pregnant” look. Not the “ Look at the boiler in that lady” look

5.I am growing a little human in me…from scratch.
Its so amazing that God took pieces of me and The Hubs and started making a baby from nothing. I can’t even make biscuits from scratch, but I can make a baby!

6. I spoil my skin with thick cream every day
Its so thick I have to wait like ten minutes to put clothes on because I am almost sticky tacky.

7. I feel a special connection with other preggos
I went to my friend’s, Nicole, baby show this weekend. We were the only ones pumping ourselves up to get off the couch.

8. People give you preggo clothes
My friend Laurel gave me so many of her maternity clothes. It was such a blessing. My mom, mother in law and grandmother have given me some great stuff too.

9.I love seeing how much my baby is loved and she isn’t even hear yet!
Just today, my mom told me about a blanket she had made. My sister found an owl sign that was super precious and Lisa at work told me she bought Beth an outfit.

Things I Dislike About Being Pregnant
1. My back is starting to hurt
I’m not sure if its how I am sleeping or how I am carrying, but it stinks. My Nana bought me some shoes that are REALLY helping though.

2. I sleep funky
I want to sleep on my back, but the rest of my body wants to be on my side. I am all crazy and pretzeled.

3. I have zero control over what is happening to my baby
“Has she moved? Is this pre term labor? Eww, what’s that? Is that a stretch mark? Why am I short of breath?” Catch my drift?

4.Tying my shoes makes me dizzy
I was bent in half at the shoe store tying my shoes and thought I was going to pass out. I need slip on or Velcro shoes only please.

5. I am scared I will be fat forever .
Do I need an explanation?

6. People love giving me their opinion
A lot of sentences start with the following, “ I don’t know how you do that..” “ When I was pregnant with my second” “ This is how you stop that from happening” I have noticed people with two want to give the most opinions. People with one and three are on the fence. Moms with four plus only give advice that is requested.

7.People don’t think my doctor is right, if it is different than what they think.
This is especially true with older people. They just don’t believe that the times have changed enough for me to be able to fly while pregnant, or paint a room, or take antibiotics. I know they mean well.

8.People get their feelings hurt when I don’t tell them every detail of my pregnancy
Sorry people, I just need to get a phone tree set up. I will call my mother and one of my two sisters. They will then call the other sister, and the grandparents. They will then call…. You get the point. As a matter of fact, this problem will only get worse. Prepare youself.

9.I get so so so so annoyed when people say (or even ask me nicely) not to pick something up.
You don’t see random people touching my belly on this list because that doesn’t bother me NEAR as badly as people (who love me) asking, “ You aren’t going to pick that up are you?” “ Let me pick that up” “ Did you move that?” I just want to SCREAM “ Listen people,  this my child. I do know the precautions and do you remember ten minutes ago when I did ask you to move something that was too heavy? Not the four and a quarter pound box right here!?”

I am sure as I continue in my 6 month and enter into my last trimester in April both of these list will grow.

Belly Question What is your favorite and least favorite thing about being pregnant?


6 thoughts on “The Liking and Disliking of Being Pregnant

  1. Least Favorite: Being so sick
    Most Favorite: Everything else

    I know you aren’t going to do more than you think you can, however, if you do, you will know it. I remember getting mad because you dad waited one day too long to replace our mailbox that had fallen down. Postman refused to deliver our mail. I, stubbornly, went to buy the supplies to do this while I was 6 months preggers. I did ok until I lifted the 25lb bag of concrete from the trunk of the car. Felt a pain, but NOTHING compared to the next few days. Could not move without crying because of the pain in my belly. I was so regretful thinking I may have done something out of spite and ended up hurting you. So just think twice about “overdoing: some things. ( BTW…we received mail the next day!)

  2. least favorite—people telling you how big you are getting 🙂 as if I didn’t know.
    favorite–thinking about what my little guys were going to be like

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