Baby Update!

I entered into Week 26 last Wednesday.

To say I have blossomed would be a nice way of saying, “Holy Crap, I am large”

No longer can I talk about feeling large and people reassure me its my imagination.

I have gained 18 pounds.


I am seriously getting nervous about being one of those women that gain 65 pounds with their first baby. – please note, this is not the time to tell me something about eating right and exercising.


Anywho. I can’t say I am having any cravings, but the Florida heat is starting to set in. I am a major believer that a Coke Icee can actually cool my simmering body from the inside out….If Al Gore would have suggested this for global warming, he may have won that presidential race.

Last week was brutal in the sleep department. I was waking up drenched in sweat multiple times a night. But this week has been better and I have really enjoyed sleeping 7-8 hours a night.

Bethany is moving a lot! I love it! I love it! I love it!

Here are a few 4D images I hadn’t posted yet:

You can see her face, arms and foot

Bethany cute!

Last week I felt her move her hands and feet at the same time. SO COOL!

I have started having a few round ligament pains, but once I sit down for a half an hour they totally go away.

My mom was here last week and we had a blast!

She loved getting to feel the baby move and I loved having my mom to chat with! One of the goals she wanted to accomplish while here was getting some preggo shots of me:

This is me being a super model

This is the real me!


2 thoughts on “Baby Update!

  1. I’m glad the night sweats have calmed down and I totally agree about the Cola Icee idea!!!
    Whether you are being a “super model” or just “being yourself”, you are my heart! I had such a wonderful time last week hanging out with you all. Can’t wait to see you again in a few weeks at the shower!!

  2. Love you and you are hysterical/adorable. And 18 lbs. is not that much….you are doing great! Love you tons!!!

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