The Curious Case of The Missing Belly Button

At the beginning of the year I told you my fears of weird pregnant belly buttons.

Since I have expanded, these concerns have not magically gone away…I would say they have increased.

Actually I would say it’s like fearing the inevitable.


Belly Button at week 14:

Belly Button at week 27:

What the heck?

Is it winking at me?

Is it eating it’s self?

I am feeling like its possibly doing a reverse butterfly thing. It started off good and now has gone into a cacoon and next month will be a pokey-outie, caterpillar thing.

I just gagged.

Ever since I read the quote from Jessica Simpson that said she had a dream her baby’s toe was poking out of her belly button and played This Little Piggie Went to Market. with the toe, I can’t stop thinking about Bethany’s toe poking out of my belly button.

Then it hit me. That’s what I am afraid of!

I am afraid that my baby is going to try to escape out of my belly button when I am least expecting it….which would be all the time.

Any way, back to the missing belly button.

Previously, I told you that it was dark and deep like a cave. Now it is shallow. I can all the time see the bottom of the button…I don’t like it. I feel like I am looking into something that I wasn’t supposed to see.

My belly button has lost it’s mystery.

On the positive side, I am very much enjoying not finding things in there. No fuzz, no lint, no dried lotion.


3 thoughts on “The Curious Case of The Missing Belly Button

  1. LOL! Too funny!!
    I am 32 wks pregnant and mine is still ever so slightly an innie. I am sure by the end it will finally go flat but it has been hanging on for some time now! Mine looks funny because I used to have a belly button ring. So it is totally strange seeing the top AND bottom hole from where the ring used to be back in the day!

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