Things I Can’t Talk About

I knew going into pregnancy there would be weird, gross, unexplained things that would happen. Since I try to be really open on here, I figured I would just write about it and move on.

Well I was wrong.

There are somethings I am DYING to write about. DYING to see if any of you have dealt with this? DYING to tell you things that I have read,even though they haven’t happened to me (yet).

However, there are things I just never want to be questioned about by someone at my work. Or my family reunion. Or the bank.

So I decided to make a list and I will not give any explanation.

  1. Nipple color
  2. Shaving down under (not Australia)
  3. Vaginal varicose veins
  4. Stretch marks
  5. Tearing during birth
  6. Different types of tearing during birth
  7. Being smelly
  8. Pregnancy sex
  9. Hemorrhoids
  10. Going crazy… literally crazy.



1 thought on “Things I Can’t Talk About

  1. #1 – Can’t recall a change #2-Couldn’t see “down under” much less take a chance getting a sharp blade near that area #3- Swellage until almost unrecgnizable #4-I stayed so greased up, I had to throw away my sheets after birth. No stretch marks, however, I hear some people are just going to get them no matter how much lard is applied #5- KEIGLES…YES they work…for more than one thing!!#6- I have no idea what that means #7 – ??? Not that I recall #8 – Hormones so high, a good strong wind was exciting! LOL #9- Never left after birth. Live with it! #10 – You will recover from that after birth, however, a NEW type of CRAZY will set in and it will change as Bethany’s age changes! Now..Let’s pretend you didn’t ask and I didn’t comment! Nuff said! xoxo

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