I Think I Swallowed The Sun

Eight months pregnant living in Florida in May is going about as well as you would think.

I am in the air conditioning 23 hours of the day.

I am sweating 10 hours of the day. Why does this math not match up?

If I am in the AC I should be cool.


Anytime between the hours of 2-5 I could start glistening. Or in today’s case….dripping.

Every-single-night I wake up at least twice drenched in sweat. The Hubs is sweating too. He says he is sweating only because I am so hot. I mean we have a huge fan on high blowing directly on us. I am only sleeping with a sheet on me. What the heck!?

Since we left the condo I have no pool to cool myself in.

The only thing that even seems to help is drinking frozen drinks.

Does that make any sense at all? No.


Today I bribed a friend that the office to go to the 7-11 and get me this  Coke Slurpee.


I bribed her with the promise of holding my unborn child and getting to change a diaper….she took the offer, minus the diaper.

Let me just say, I was a sweater before pregnancy, but now its getting out of hand.

Dear Bethany- just because you are comfy at 98.6 degrees does not mean I need to feel that temperature all of the time. Love-Momma.


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