The Home Stretch- 34 Weeks

I have officially started week 34.

The Hubs and I went to the Doc today. It was my last non naked appointment.

I have enjoyed my 20 minute- pee in a cup, take my blood pressure, listen to the heartbeart, measure my belly and goodbye.

No more. I will officially be asked to remove my clothes and they will give me “internal” exams.  I was thinking this is more of a pap smear-like exam until she said she would start checking to see how the baby was positioned….All I can think is

” This lady will elbow deep in me and I don’t think its going to feel great.”


I have gained between 25 and 27 pounds. I can’t get the doc scales and my scale to even out any more. So who knows!

I haven’t had any watermelon and pickles on a bed of plums cravings but I pretty much want ice cream every night. Here is the thing. I’m not sure that was different BEFORE I was pregnant, but I am just giving into this whim now that I have an excuse. I am 100% ok with this revelation.

The nursery is not coming along at all. The Hubs has been super busy and then had surgery and then in pain. So we are on hold until he gets the trim done. HOWEVER- my Mom and Nana are coming next weekend. There is no chance we will not have that nursery 100% ready before they leave.  Individually we are project completion forces, but together we just might create the best nursery for Bethany that was ever imagined….Did I mention the crib, dresser, and rocker need to be built?

Pre pregnancy sleeping was my favorite hobby. Seriously.

Now, I am hot and every time I want to move its like “let me pick up my bowling ball and body pillow to turn over” …not exactly restful. This has been the case for about two months now. I think its just the Lord preparing me for a needy infant in the night.

I also wake up before 8am every Saturday….I might be the most upset about this actually.

6 weeks or less I will have a baby! I am so excited and can’t wait to kiss that little face.

I am hoping for June 19th which is my grandfather’s birthday. The Hubs is sticking to July 4th.

Any guesses when she might come?


1 thought on “The Home Stretch- 34 Weeks

  1. Trust me…all pieces of furniture will be assembled, trim painted, room arranged, decorations hung and all it will need is a beautiful baby girl. Can’t wait to see you and Kyle.

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