Are You Scared?

I get this question almost daily? And it is always from a single guy.

It is usually accompanied with some hand gesture of where/how the baby will be coming out.

My answer, so far, has been

” I’m not scared about the delivery. I am scared about AFTER the delivery- they are just going to give me a kid to take home”

I am a major preparation person. I want to know what we are doing, when it is happening, who will be there, what to wear, possible unexpected outcomes, and a way to get out…no sooner than 5 days before the said event.

Controlling much? Yes, I know this is a problem.

Because the Hubs loves me he went to a Newborn Care class with me…And yes it was taught by this lady-

FOR THREE HOURS….the Hubs had to go to work 2 hours in…lucky.

Any way….

I am slightly terrified that we wont have any idea what we are doing once everyone leaves. I think our family thinks this is true too because we have family scheduled the entire month of July…

i kid- i kid…sorta.

I realize we will come across the ignorance and conquer it as all first time parents have, but my real fear is that I will totally flip at my lack of knowledge in caring for an infant. I mean- a complete meltdown.

So yeah, I’m scared. Not of the delivery, but the 18 years that follow.

That’s normal, right?

Belly Question: What was your fear about bring home a new baby?


3 thoughts on “Are You Scared?

  1. I wasn’t scared of the delivery either…shockingly since Travis wasn’t going to be there with me. And I really was too nervous about heading home either but it is crazy they just let you leave that place like it’s nothing! lol So far, it hasn’t been too bad but perhaps it is because my parents have been here helping me out. Don’t freak out too bad. You will slip right into the mommy role just fine. The hardest part is just getting used to a schedule and figuring out the cries. But you can do it!!!! Since I just joined the mommy world a week and a half ago- feel free to ask me anything about first getting home!

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