Pregnant Dreams

I have told you how sleeping soundly and in comfort is a thing of the past, but I haven’t told you what else is happening while I am actually unconscious.

I am dreaming and they are weird.

My re-occuring dream is that my nursery is complete. 100% Bethany, all girly with monograms and polka dots.

I bring a bag of frilly newborn onsies and a dress to bring her home in. Blankets to wrap her in with butterflies and rainbows.

And the doctor tells me I have a delivered a healthy baby boy.

Being me, I then argue with the doctor that he switched the baby inside me while I was busy getting my epidural.

Horrible/Weird dream I had just the other night- I kept trying to feed Bethany in a very full bathtub….underwater. When I would bring her up, she wouldn’t be breathing. I would then call my friend Vicki over who would look on Google how to do baby CPR.

Then I would proceed to get back in the tub with the baby to feed her. What-the-heck?

You know that feeling that you are falling and you suddenly jerk and shake the whole bed?

That leads me into my third weird preggo dream. About once every ten days I have the shaking awake dreams, but the urgency comes not because I am falling, but because I AM IN LABOR.

I keep dreaming I wake up and my water has broken and the bed is soaked or the contractions went from 0 to 10 and now the baby is coming RIGHT THIS SECOND.

It never happens once in a night, they cluster feed on me.

I usually wake up TICKED.

Belly Question: What kind of weird dreams did you have as a preggo?


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