Roughing It Up

I have been very curious about breastfeeding since I became pregnant.

I really want to do it and I really want it to work.

I have some friends who are breastfeeding champs. Then I have some friends that they just don’t produce enough milk. How do I get it to work?

My friend, Allison ( who has a super, creative, crafty blog), just had a baby less than 2 weeks ago.

She shared some useful advice on baby’s cries and what each means. She ended her email with ” Let me know if you have any questions about anything”

Well that is just a free pass to ask anything- no matter how personal.

So I did.

One thing I asked about was breastfeeding and if she prepared in anyway for it?

How do you prepare for breastfeeding you may ask, well the common answer is  roughing up your nipples.

I have had at least a handful of women tell me their roughing up prep really helped improve the sensitivity and pain of the first week of breastfeeding.

I asked my doc about this at my 34 week appointment. She said “it doesn’t matter either way, but don’t start any nipple stimulation until you are 36 weeks”

Allison’s email kicked me into action.

I only did a wash cloth with soap rub for 1 minute on each side.

OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!

It was like when you first pop a pepper in your mouth and you think, ” I mean, its a little spicy, but totally fine. I could even have another pepper” I thought I could do this every shower for a couple weeks and be good to go!

Then the second stage set in- I turned quickly and the small breeze brushed past me- and I thought WOW THAT DIDN’T FEEL TOO GOOD.

5 minutes later- I was rubbing cream on and taking 2 Tylenol.

Like a pepper- it was slow burn that eventually turns you into a whining mess.

I fear I am a total sissy.

Even this morning it was rough just having my night gown brush me.

Is this just Day 1 stuff and it will get better? Do I keep on trying it?

Roughing It Up Now vs. More Pain When I Start Teet Feeding.


1 thought on “Roughing It Up

  1. You wrote “Teet Feeding”. Again, I have found myself in my cubicle, in tears, laughing so hard my belly is jiggling. Don’t mistake me for Santa, I have no gifts.

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