It Will Be Nice When I Can…

As I am slowing approaching the birth of my child, I catch myself starting my thoughts with “ It will be nice when I can______”.

I never thought these things before because I was (am) all grateful being pregnant. Grateful for the miracle inside me. Grateful for getting to experience this act that God made me for.

The nostalgia has worn away.

Although still grateful…not so much as giddy. So, I am horrible. Whatever.

It will be nice when I can:

• See my feet

• Shave my legs without having to sit on the shower floor- We don’t have any ledges in the shower and I’m too wobbly to balance on one foot, so I sit on the floor. The getting up part looks a lot like new born calf taking it’s first steps.

• Paint my toe nails- I look like a rollie pollie.

• Put on my own shoes that have buckles. I will say I am truly touched every time The Hubs gets on the ground to buckle my shoes. Such a sweet sweet man .

• Not be a little afraid every time I poop (tmi?) that I might push my baby out. I really don’t feel like I need to explain this.

• Use buttons and zippers on my pants

• Not wake up in a pool of sweat every night

• Not need to sleep with a body pillow…apparently I have a husband who I used to snuggle with?!

• Get on a scale without bursting into tears- I gained a LOT of weight the last time I went to the doctor….in one week. It was really bad.

• Have a conscious about what I am putting my body…like the second round of ice cream. The one before and this one may be related. So, I am horrible. Whatever.

• Kiss the feet that are wedged under my ribcage as I type

• Go to a water park- I have been longing to go to a pool or a water park, but because I am preggo the tubes don’t fit around me. If I go over the head, I can’t really float.

• Drink a beer

• Eat sushi

• Stop being called “little momma” by everyone

• Sleep on my stomach

• Go more than 40 minutes ( I may be pushing it here) without peeing. I have been to every public restroom in Tampa Bay.

• I can lift more than 15 pounds without being scared my baby may fall out….I seriously think these things.

• Go to Subway and not have the preheat my meat. I really do enjoy a cold sandwich

• Recognize my ankles

I know all of these are petty and I sound like a major complainer.

But…..I feel ok about it.

Belly Question: What were you/are you ready to do after pregnancy?


2 thoughts on “It Will Be Nice When I Can…

  1. oh pumpkin 🙂
    i was ready to sleep on my belly…i was so over the wave of nausea that resulted from me rolling on my side.
    i was ready for a glass of wine & a cosmo
    btw, the poop fear returns after delivery – at least for me it did….
    i was ready to not be swollen!

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