My 3 Mommy Must Haves

As I have entered into Mommyhood I have learned there are a few things I can’t live without.

1. Saturday Morning Snugglefest- This is when Bethany wakes up on Saturday morning, I feed her, and bring her back to The Hubs and my bed. We have snugglefest every Saturday! I’m serious that this kid will sleep another two hours between Mama and Papa.  I love it.

snuggle copy

2. Mylanta- Bethany has severe reflux. The first 4 months of this little princess’ life was a constant scream. She goes to a pediatric GI, is on Prevacid, on and on and on. However, when nothing else cures my little screamer, I turn to Mylanta. At first it freaked me out giving my little baby adult strength Mylanta….I got over it in a hurry. It makes all the problems of the tummy go away.


3. The Poop Toothbrush– yup. There was a time that I was scrubbing poop stains out of multiple outfits every day. Armed with my “poop” labeled toothbrush, Fels-Natha bar (don’t know what this is? Trust me, you need it!), and water… No poop can stain even the daintiest of clothes!


What are your Mommy Must Haves?

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