20 Ounces

Twenty ounces is an amount that haunts me though the day.

How much is twenty ounces?

• Just over 3 cups

• A medium fountain drink

• An average bottle of water

20 ounces is the magic number for Bethany to eat every day. Actually it’s the bare minimum that she should be eating. However, quite the struggle.

We have had feeding problems with this kid since week three. She has major reflux (however, not a spitter upper) and has Milk and Soy Protein Intolerance (MPSI). She is on a special formula because of the MPSI, Nutramigen. Nutramigen is horrible. It smells SO BAD and I can only imagine how it tastes. Nutramigen stopped Beth’s intestines from bleeding. Nutramigen is great.

Bethany is just about to be 7 months and our goal, on a very good day is to get 20 oz of formula in her.

That’s not much at all.

She will eat jarred food, but it doesn’t have near the calories or nutritional value as the formula.

With mix that formula with oats, rice cereal, jarred fruit, crack.

Nothing really makes her want to take it on a consistent basis. I’ve read online some mothers have put sugar in the bottles and the babies will eat it up. I swore I would never do this, but never is becoming a closer possibility.

It gets scary because some days she gets in 12 oz.

Most days we are between 17 and 20 oz.

It has gotten to the point that last week we took her to feeding therapy ( Prescribed by her Peds GI). We saw a sweet Speech Pathologist named, Rushma. So So So sweet. My prayer going in was that Rushma would see exactly what the problem was and give us techniques to fix it.

Although Rushma was amazing and she did see some sensory issues in Beth, she couldn’t diagnose her. She and the GI got together and agreed Beth needs a swallow study.

food baby

What the crap is a swallow study?

Basically it’s a video x-ray. They watch the formula go down Bethany’s throat to see if it is going down holes or up cavities its not supposed to.

We are supposed to also get an upper GI x-ray. However its impossible to do them the same day.


Don’t get me wrong. Bethany has the greatest demeanor! She is all smiles when she isn’t eating. She laughs A LOT! She is growing and gaining weight. I am so thankful! She is in the 20th percentile of weight. She just hates to eat. When it’s time to eat that smile turns into screams!

I talked to the daycare a few minutes ago. Its 3 o’clock and she has had 8 oz the entire day….not a good day.

20 ounces. 20 ounces. 20 ounces. 20 ounces. 20 ounces. 20 ounces. 20 ounces.

What haunts you?


3 thoughts on “20 Ounces

  1. Love you and praying for you!! We certainly aren’t sharing the same experience to this degree AT ALL, but I know the ounce counting scenario. It’s no fun to be out of control..BUT… we KNOW who is. And he is wise, and faithful, and loves our babies more than we could every imagine loving them ourselves.

  2. Hey there,

    My little girl was put on nutramigen a couple of weeks ago for suspected CMPA. Our magic number is 17 ounces and it haunts me all day long too. I chart her food intake, add up milk taken in, look at bottles hoping she’s had just a little bit more than she really has… It’s a higher form of insanity I think really!

    Nutramigen, unfortunately, failed to stop my little one’s GI bleeding so we’ve moved on to neocate (also not very palatable). What I wanted to say is that the pediatric dietician we saw said I should try different temperatures with nutramigen and if I found one the little one preferred I should stay with that even if it’s weird.

    Now I’m not sure this would be ok for all kids so if you’re still stuck re food intake, you could ask your daughter’s medical team before trying this, but I found if I put the bottle with the prepared formula in a pot with iced water and brought it to refrigerator temperatures (around 4 degrees celcius), she would take it more happily and drink a bit more.

    The taste is a bit like gasoline actually; wonderfully horrible, but it really does seem a bit more pleasant (or as pleasant as gasoline can ever taste) when it’s cold. As I say I’m not sure this would be ok for all kids, but it certainly worked a bit better for us than warm or room temp formula so I thought I’d throw it out there!

    I hope your daughter’s reflux is a little bit better too… 🙂


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