20 Ounces

Twenty ounces is an amount that haunts me though the day.

How much is twenty ounces?

• Just over 3 cups

• A medium fountain drink

• An average bottle of water

20 ounces is the magic number for Bethany to eat every day. Actually it’s the bare minimum that she should be eating. However, quite the struggle.

We have had feeding problems with this kid since week three. She has major reflux (however, not a spitter upper) and has Milk and Soy Protein Intolerance (MPSI). She is on a special formula because of the MPSI, Nutramigen. Nutramigen is horrible. It smells SO BAD and I can only imagine how it tastes. Nutramigen stopped Beth’s intestines from bleeding. Nutramigen is great.

Bethany is just about to be 7 months and our goal, on a very good day is to get 20 oz of formula in her.

That’s not much at all.

She will eat jarred food, but it doesn’t have near the calories or nutritional value as the formula.

With mix that formula with oats, rice cereal, jarred fruit, crack.

Nothing really makes her want to take it on a consistent basis. I’ve read online some mothers have put sugar in the bottles and the babies will eat it up. I swore I would never do this, but never is becoming a closer possibility.

It gets scary because some days she gets in 12 oz.

Most days we are between 17 and 20 oz.

It has gotten to the point that last week we took her to feeding therapy ( Prescribed by her Peds GI). We saw a sweet Speech Pathologist named, Rushma. So So So sweet. My prayer going in was that Rushma would see exactly what the problem was and give us techniques to fix it.

Although Rushma was amazing and she did see some sensory issues in Beth, she couldn’t diagnose her. She and the GI got together and agreed Beth needs a swallow study.

food baby

What the crap is a swallow study?

Basically it’s a video x-ray. They watch the formula go down Bethany’s throat to see if it is going down holes or up cavities its not supposed to.

We are supposed to also get an upper GI x-ray. However its impossible to do them the same day.


Don’t get me wrong. Bethany has the greatest demeanor! She is all smiles when she isn’t eating. She laughs A LOT! She is growing and gaining weight. I am so thankful! She is in the 20th percentile of weight. She just hates to eat. When it’s time to eat that smile turns into screams!

I talked to the daycare a few minutes ago. Its 3 o’clock and she has had 8 oz the entire day….not a good day.

20 ounces. 20 ounces. 20 ounces. 20 ounces. 20 ounces. 20 ounces. 20 ounces.

What haunts you?


Imagine Our House!

So we close on our very first home on April 5th…also my 26th birthday.

Co-winky-dink? I think not!

I am up to my eyeballs in paint, flooring, and Ikea samples.

Below is  my vision.

So we have a foyer and then one big open floor plan. You can see the dining room, the kitchen, and the living room once you walk in.

I am thinking this for the walls in the living room and dining room:

The foyer and kitchen in this:

We will accent in these colors:

We ordered our flooring:

note- not our floor

The in laws are getting a fabulous dining room table for our wedding present…we prefer the delayed presents so we get exactly what we need! Thanks!

And then my mom and grandparents gave us a house warming couch and recliner. Between the couch and recliner, we have 5 -count them- 5 recliners! We love relaxing!

And for my birthday, I am getting this snazzy dresser. The in laws got us the matching bed frame once I got pregnant. We are truly blessed.

Its been so fun to imagine the house put together!!!

Imagine the Nursery

The Hubs has banned me from having a theme in the baby’s room.

The thought behind this is sweet. He wants anyone to be able to give us a present and not have to worry about it matching or us not putting it up because it doesn’t match.

With that said, I have picked out bedding and some decor.

Her bedding:

I want this on one of the walls:

I am thinking we will hang a chair rail and do the bottom half of the walls in a green. My original thought was a sunny yellow, But the Hubs hates yellow. And I kinda hate pink walls.

This is also good because if baby number 2 is a boy we wont have to repaint.

Here is her dresser drawers/ changing table- My sister gave me this idea!

And this is her crib:

So exciting.

Now I need a rocker. I am thinking more along the lines of a recliner/rocker. I’m talking Lazy Boy Style 🙂

Belly Question: What else do I need for the nursery?

Chase Update

Last month I told you about how my new nephew was brought into this world a little early.

He and my sister are doing great and completely healthy.

And completely cute:

This is him on the blanket I made. Its so big he may be using it until he is 15.

I love it when babies make a funny face because of the flash. So funny!

And big brother, being my most favorite three year old ever.

Its a House and God Loves It!

The Hubs and I have been looking for a house for about 6 months.

It hasn’t been an easy process.

He fell in love with a old charming house that had well water. I am not ok with well water maintenance.

We placed a bid on a house that was built in the 1900s ( really it was just 1980), and was pink.

We were willing to commit a crime to get this one house that was perfect. This guy comes in and offers cash plus 10k over asking price.

Sorry, we left our briefcase of cash at home that day.

Then came our house.

We saw it. We loved it.

We placed our offer in late January and because it was a short sale, they told us we might not move in until May or even June.


It will be a million degrees in Florida in June and I could have this child early. If we have Bethany while we are still in our condo, she will live in a dresser drawer.

It was mountain moving time.

I started praying a specific prayer inspired by Susan.

” Lord, if it is your will for us to get this home, I know you will open the doors necessary. I know you are the creator of Heaven and Earth and I am totally fine if you want to show off a bit.

I am asking that you open the doors for us to not only be approved by the bank, the loan go though, but us moving in by April 15th. If this happens,I know it is you that is pushing it right along. If it doesn’t, I know it is you keeping us steady and patient.”

Can I just tell you we are moving in April 15th?

I am serious. My amazing realtor, Lauren, said she can’t believe how quickly this has moved. It has been such a great testimony of faith and how He works.

I have loved being able to share this answered, tangible prayer.

Often when you pray you have to wait to see the answer or you may never know how he answered this side of Heaven.

It has been so encouraging and awesome.

This is our new home: