My 3 Mommy Must Haves

As I have entered into Mommyhood I have learned there are a few things I can’t live without.

1. Saturday Morning Snugglefest- This is when Bethany wakes up on Saturday morning, I feed her, and bring her back to The Hubs and my bed. We have snugglefest every Saturday! I’m serious that this kid will sleep another two hours between Mama and Papa.  I love it.

snuggle copy

2. Mylanta- Bethany has severe reflux. The first 4 months of this little princess’ life was a constant scream. She goes to a pediatric GI, is on Prevacid, on and on and on. However, when nothing else cures my little screamer, I turn to Mylanta. At first it freaked me out giving my little baby adult strength Mylanta….I got over it in a hurry. It makes all the problems of the tummy go away.


3. The Poop Toothbrush– yup. There was a time that I was scrubbing poop stains out of multiple outfits every day. Armed with my “poop” labeled toothbrush, Fels-Natha bar (don’t know what this is? Trust me, you need it!), and water… No poop can stain even the daintiest of clothes!


What are your Mommy Must Haves?

Bald and Beautiful

Bethany arrived in this world with a head full of hair. I mean this kid looked like she had a cat sitting on her head.  Slowly she started balding. There was no reason in this balding. She didn’t sleep on one side; she didn’t rub her head, she wasn’t losing it in the normal patterns either. Beth was losing her hair as if someone ran a line down the center of her head and decided half should not have hair. My child looked like Harvey Dent from Batman aka Two Face.

Bath in the Sink

Notice the Baldness in the mirror!

The Hubs and I agreed that this was looking ridiculous and a bow could only distract so much, so I agreed (I remember saying these words) , “ Yes, we need to trim her hair.”

The next day I received a photo of my child with her head shaved.


I remember calling my husband as if I were in a fog. Maybe I was dreaming? Maybe the photo was blurry and her hair was really there?

In the few seconds that the phone is ringing I thought, “We are struggling to make tuition this semester. The baby took no more than ten ounces of food yesterday. Why won’t this kid eat? The brakes are about to go on his car. I have to make that deadline. I hope the baby’s fever doesn’t come back at daycare today.”

My husband answers…joyfully. Poor thing has no idea the offense he has committed.

I very calmly asked him why he chose to shave her head over just snipping a couple inches with the scissors?

His answer:

“You said we could trim her hair and that’s how I trim my hair!”

Bless him.

He started sensing I wasn’t over joyed at the idea of our little girl with a shaved head. He so innocently asked if I was upset.

Of all the things that I am praying though right now (our child’s medical issues, money issues, work issues, marriage issues) Beth’s hair isn’t even in the top twenty.

“No honey, I’m not mad. This is the least of my worries.”

Maybe the real issue here is that I am worrying…all the time.  My friend, Susan, says worry follows a pattern: starting with fear, that turns to worry, that manifests into anxiety and then  that blossoms into full blown panic.

I couldn’t agree more.

Once I started telling this story to friends, family, and coworkers I realized my husband shaving our daughters head was a BIG DEAL! It led to some pretty hilarious conversations and confessions of what my friends would do to their husbands if they tried shaving their little girl’s head.

Although this is a story we will forever talk about, I hope I remember that things that seem really important (like hair) don’t compare to my family’s real priorities.

Lord please help me remember you are my priority. You control this crazy life I lead. You know my worries. Please help me lay my burdens at your feet instead of trying to fix my own situations; failing time and again. Thank you for holding me.

“And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Matthew 10:30


What is one thing you can make more of a priority in your life?